Gigi Estabrook

Feng Shui Practitioner



The child of a client had frequent respiratory problems which stopped after our consultation.

“One of the best decisions I've ever made was bringing Gigi into both my new workspace and our home! I recently opened a new business and wanted to make sure that the space was going to offer me, my staff and our clients/customers a feeling of peacefulness and tranquility. As I had also been suffering from some recent health issues, Gigi made some wonderful suggestions, both at home and in our new store space, that worked towards a more healthy environment. I was most impressed with her thoroughness and professionalism—she really listens, she studies and re-studies floor and space layouts, and follows up with written documentation of each meeting. Both times, she also provided additional literature and website information. I would, and have, recommended Gigi to friends and family in the area. The work that Gigi did for us has truly made for a much improved quality of life, both at home and at work!”


A nine-month old start-up with no sales received three multi-million dollar contracts.

“But I did want to say "thank you" again for all of your invaluable help. Things are magically becoming wonderful in our lives. I didn't lose my job (which was HUGE -- it means we can keep the house for another month), but little things as well seem to be falling into place. We got a nice sized check from one of our mortgage companies for overpayment on the sale of the old house; our son got bumped up to preschool, with a corresponding decrease in tuition; a friend hooked me up with her mortgage guy who is going to refinance us for a savings to us of $320 a month, and other things like that.  And aside from our finances, the house has had an interesting effect on us as well. When people come to visit, almost to a person they comment on how "peaceful" it seems there. And I have to agree. It is. I sleep through the night more often than not now.”


A client in San Rafael, CA was looking for a romantic partnership.  She found someone within days after painting her bathroom the suggested color.

“SO MANY things have already changed, I'm staying calm in the lovely "whirlwind" it is... I'll give you an update when more things have settled, just know it's very exciting. Things in every area have moved and changed for the better! It's amazing.”


A client  had an employee who wouldn’t interact on any level with my client or the other employees.  The morning after our consultation, the employee was chatting happily with everyone.

“Gigi! Do you remember your words today? You said, "I hope the first person who sees the house makes an offer". Gigi...I told you about the people who were going to see the house in the evening (they were the first to see the house after the ceremony)....they made an offer!!!! We accepted! And I hope all goes well this time :-)))). Thank you sooooooooo much!!! I cannot really express in words how thankful I am to you. I am so amazed!!! Do you also teach? I would sooo much love to learn from you...because you are amazing!!!”

---S. (house had been on the market for five months)

A client had an undiagnosed scalp condition for three years.  It was gone the day after our consultation.

“What a blessing your visit has been. When I called you I was absolutely desperate. Out of work and out of money, I knew that I needed to make a change but did not know which way to go. You have helped me sort that out.

"Of course, I had the usual beginning miracles, like extra money showing up as soon as I made the appointment. But that is not the most interesting stuff!

"The best part is that each day is better than the one before. You have lifted my spirits. You have given me strength to keep my dream alive and to go the extra mile.

"I have new energy. I now look at my environment with an eye toward what pleases me. Before, some spaces were just projects nagging at me. Now, if I don't like it, I make the change. The energy I get from this has incredible power.”


A client was laid off and found a job two days after our consultation.