Gigi Estabrook

Feng Shui Practitioner



The following suppliers are just some of the many that carry Feng Shui and related supplies such as crystals, mirrors, wind chimes, statues, hangings, and essences. 

Local to Portland, Oregon:
            The many stores in Chinatown
            New Renaissance Bookshop, 1338 NW 23rd Avenue
            Discount Silks (silk flowers), 9120 SW Hall Boulevard
Feng Shui supplies:
            Feng Shui Shopper,
            Feng Shui Emporium,

Colored stones:
            Rainbow Turtle,

            Woodstock chimes,
            Jacob’s chimes,

Flower Essences:
            Alaska flower essences,


Some Feng Shui items may also be purchased from the Yun Lin Temple.  All items from the temple have been blessed by the Grandmaster of Black Sect Feng Shui and placed on an altar for 108 days.  While these items are more expensive than those available from commercial websites, they possess special power and effectiveness.  The Temple may be reached at 510-841-2347 (California).  Their website, though for informational purposes only, not for product orders, is