Gigi Estabrook

Feng Shui Practitioner



Any event or emotion leaves its energetic imprint on the environment in which it occurred, and that imprint affects the lives of the next occupants of a property.  If the event or emotion is positive---for example, perhaps a lawyer made partner at her firm and was able to afford a larger house in a better neighborhood---then the energy she and her family are leaving behind for the new occupants is positive financial energy.  But sometimes the energy is negative, and can have a negative effect, as in these cases:

We’ve all see this happen:  the retail space on the corner which has had seven tenants in five years; the cancer that runs through an entire family; the house down the street out of which everyone gets divorced. If you’re looking for a stable tenant or a satisfied buyer, it is important that any negative energy be cleared out.

Negative energy may also keep a potential tenant/buyer from being interested in your property at all.  As an example, someone looking for a new home may turn down a house you represent and think it’s because they don’t like the paint colors, but the real reason may be that, on some level, they are picking up on the negativity of the space.


If you would like to learn more about Feng Shui so that you can point out to your clients ways in which a property has good Feng Shui elements, we are happy to impart some Feng Shui tidbits that you can share with your clients.  This is a service we offer for free to realtors in the community.